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The Reason Behind the Boom in Tattoo Removal

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Tattoo Remorse”? It is something that has lead to a considerable increase is the demand for tattoo removal treatments across the globe. Tattoo Remorse is just one of a handful of reasons that has seen a boom in Tattoo Removal but it is one of the bigger reasons.

The Tattoo Removal Industry has seen a boom as much as the tattoo production industry has equally. It does make some sense, as the more people there are with body art, logically the more people will want it removed. However, what are the other reasons behind the growth of tattoo removal?

Growing up

Other than Tattoo Remorse other reasons behind the boom in tattoo removal are varied. One of the reasons is that teenagers that once thought a beautiful work of art on their body was cool have now grown up. The early 2000s saw a rise in teenagers having tattoos, these teens are now in their 30s and a tattoo is no longer cool, fashionable or even allowed. This sector of society is responsible for a good percentage of tattoo removals. This, in effect, is delayed Tattoo Remorse.

Bad Tattoo

Not every tattoo is a work of art, and one of the reasons for the boom in tattoo removal industry is just this. Dreadful tattoos that are nothing like what was hoped for and misspelt tattoos form a decent percentage of all removed tattoos. In this group the names of past loved ones who are no longer part of a person’s life also feature.

Old tattoos fade

Tattoos often fade over time, and for some, this merely means it is time for a touch-up. For others, following on from growing up, a faded tattoo represents the perfect time to have it removed. For some older inked people, tattoo removal when a tattoo is faded is an opportunity often too good to miss.

Another top reason why the tattoo removal industry is booming is that the technology has considerably improved. The tattoo removal process is still not fast; it can take significantly longer to remove a tattoo than it took to create it. Even the most simple of small tattoos are not removed overnight. However, the technology behind tattoo removal has vastly improved. Laser technology that blasts the metals in the tattoo inks used has advanced to the point where complete tattoo removal, over a series of treatments, is almost entirely possible. In the past, where the only option for tattoo removal was to cover them up, today the options are readily available and easily affordable.

Using tattoo removal machines is no longer an intense medical procedure but is as commonplace as tattoo artists are on the high street. The convenience, ease and reliability of tattoo removal have played a considerable contributory role in growing the tattoo removal industry, and many people are grateful for this.

Times are changing, what was considered cool, stylish and fashionable not so long ago is now not, and Tattoos will always be in or out for different people in society. The demand for tattoos will always remain and for that very reason the need for tattoo removal tomorrow will still be there. Whether Tattoo removal has reached its peak is not known but as the technology evolves and the world turns so things will continue on their way.

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